"People of the Year 2017"
according to german paper Handelsblatt. Read about winners, losers, visionaries, humanitarians, founders and many more. 44 pages with 22 stylish illustrations, 


Stranger than Fiction.


Sneak peek of some maths-themed texture
Do you also love numbers, calculations, measures, geometrics and pretty equations?


"Er war ein Rabbi für die Welt."
Wie viel Religion steckt eigentlich in Karl Marx? Motivsuche in der Biografie des großen Sozialreformers.
chrismon, Ausgabe 12/2017. Illustration by Skizzomat.


Loving you to the moon and back.


Back in summer I Illustrated an article about low-budget investment opportunities in real estate – as little as 500 EUR! so I went and built a cute city scape by using bits and pattern from that big, fat purple note. Fun :)


Wie werden wir morgen leben?


ready to go!


THE HOF @Berlin Design Night 2017

Open studio
Friday sept. 8th 2017
Kastanienallee 11

>>> Come play!


Trauriges Thema. Wichtiges Thema.
TERROR LOHNT SICH NICHT im aktuellen Chrismon-Magazin. 
Der deutsch-jüdische Historiker Michael Wolffsohn über den Umgang mit Terror. Artwork by Skizzomat.



This is so exciting! isn´t it exciting?!
Here´s my latest artwork for the New Scientist magazine. And I even did the cover!


Artist in Residency 2017. I am spending all august in the south of France working on personal art projects, so far very happy and productive :) also in the house for a creative time-out: passionate painter Owen from Chicago and lovely Julie, a flamenco dancer from Paris. Back in Berlin soon, bisous, Marie

"AIR LE PARC is based in an old and beautiful 19th century notairy's house, which dates back to 1596, set in a walled parc, in Pampelonne, originally a 13th century stronghold. Open since 2006.
Artist-in-residence, project and research centre for professional artists of all discipline, painting, 3 dimensional, design, music, writing, theatre, dance, multimedia, etc. Also available for sessions, seminars, courses, training, recordings and concerts. Many spacious areas: rooms, multipurpose rooms, workshop/studios and project rooms." http://www.airleparc.com


I found this perfect letter E in the south of France (Tarn region) for my diary!