Day-and-night refinery (prt 2)
…whoops, artist got carried away by complexity.

Day-and-night refinery (prt 1)
…whoops, artist got carried away by complexity.

TOP 100 Regional Leaders.
Illustrating regional oil- and gas industry suppliers. Well, yes I know: it´s kind of working for the the dark side of the power… sorry. Now their magazine looks pretty nice and cleaned up with my artwork, doesn´t it?

Aviation-themed cover illo.
Again a lovely mix of vintage and modern (technical) times: this TOP 100 collage work features small aerospace stories, crazy inventions, flying objects, passenger transport as well as machines for outer space journeys! Fasten your seat belt. This one was published in UK september 2014.

Cover-illustration for ICIS magazine (UK)
Company of the Year. Third and last motif from this series of 3.
Skizzomat created 3 weeks in a row title collages for their b2b publication. 


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