> 1984 II
another piece created for destructed magazine issue 1984, done very quickly and intuitively. the second one is my final choice. this time a mixture of Orwell associations and personal memories – a bit too grey and depressive, right? that is what happens on a clowdy sunday whilst listening to Mensch-Maschine (Kraftwerk)...


> 1984
personal piece for next issue of destructed magazine (www.destructed.info) topic 1984.
I put the focus on the composition not a weightly statement – and only built it by elements and pics from flicker "search 1984". although the source footage was pretty dark the whole piece quite happy vibe I think.


Today I finally shipped my piece for soon-to-open WHALELESS exhibition to Strychnin gallery, London.
1 of 3 edition
dimensions each 40 x 70 cm (unframed)
paper and newspaper collage, acrylic, silk screen printing and oldschool letraset.
let´s see if flaschenwal is going to be sold...