Skizzomat illustrated a 3-page spread in recent Eltern Family Magazine (GER) regarding a reality check of famous danish pedagogic Jesper Juul´s thesis. I picked the key colors from the book cover and interpreted the different stories in an assioziative way. Lovely project!


> こんにちわ
Thanks IdN magazine (J) for having us as POTM (picture of the month!) on your website: http://idnworld.com/potm/?id=SKIZZOMAT-Illustration


This motiv was part of an photography exhibition in september 2011 at SCHÖNES HAMBURG event in cooperation with Tiffany & Co. (a bold Tiffany´s necklace was converted into hair decoration).
The originally perfect beauty shot was more or less disintegrated and put into new context: the girls´ body shape fades into chunky abstract painted brush stokes plus many fine lines which extend her actual hair as graphical ornaments. In combination with those hand-drawn feathers she appears to be an fragile elf in perfect harmony with nature. If you associate a moonlight situation she´s really a mythical creature from another world.

© Photo copyright Maren Janning, Hamburg.


Just finalized a wonderful new series of non-client artwork:

fairy tales, elfs and beasts!

This illustration LITLLE RED RIDINGHOOD is part of a co-operation with fashion photographer Maren Janning (www.marenjanning.de). I painted and drew across the model, added some cut-outs and finalized it digitally. I really love the strong plane colors in this draft. Although her facial expression is barely visible the character appears tough and alert. And still very beautiful.

© Photo copyright Maren Janning, Hamburg.


LOVE this piece of artwork I also developed with/for photographer Maren Janning! Here I sampled with high-contrast structures, flashy colour, paper background and hand drawn details. The girl´s body was literally retraced and supplemented with dashed lines as she was some kind of dress form or dummy. So her alter-ego sibling popped up aside. I like these two persons being actually one, showing different aspects of the girl. This illustration doesn´t picture one-to-one a particular fairy tale, but there is something magical about it, as if there´s a hidden myth on a layer underneath.

© Photo copyright Maren Janning, Hamburg (www.marenjanning.de).

> Through the Looking Glass / ALICE HINTER DEN SPIEGELN

Experimental artwork in co-operation with awesome people & fashion photographer Maren Janning from Hamburg (GER).

Highend beauty photography meets illustration: when we started we were open for anything to happen, no rules given! By using simple lines, cut-outs and a little shifting I created this abstract impression of mirroring. The tender young girl becomes even more fragile, she seams to disappear almost. This picture is part of a series of 5.

Pls. check also www.marenjanning.de

© Photo copyright Maren Janning, Hamburg.


Another piece from my project with Maren Janning!

I spent a whole day during my italian art residency on scribbling hundreds of these petite flower-like lace elements. I did not know I could do that, haven´t done it before - it was so much fun! I decided to keep this illo as pure and tender as possible: the white tatooish pattern instead of a dress, applied directly to her skin, emphazizes the innocence of this photoshot, I thought.

© Photo copyright Maren Janning, Hamburg.



... my beloved AGENT published in full bloom in "FRESH Cutting EDge Illustration".