Berlin what?
Official book release in august 2013!
Urban Art, painting, photography, illustration and collage by 102 Berlin-based contemporary artists.
Recent collage artwork by Skizzomat Studio is represented as well. A big thank you to Oliver and Uwe from Neonchocolate gallery team!
Further information and early bird orders http://www.berlinwhat.com


How do we wanna live in 21th century?
Drafts from a unrealized tourism project for South Tyrol, illustrating people´s questions and stories by combining traditional regional aspects with innovative future visions.

No 1 for instance "Concepts for our constantly growing population" = Nature, sustainability, new architectural concepts, thinking above the conventional, discovering unthought spaces.
No 2 for instance "Enduring mobility visions avoiding a collapse of traffic" = Public transport, car sharing, regional goes international, thinking out of the box.


Time´n´space poster.
Illustration series for british New Scientist Magazine,  2013.

Make sure, you get your copy!
(to enjoy my latest artwork)

Quantum weirdness: The battle for the basis of reality.
Find three brand-new skizzomat paperworks in recent issue of New Scientist magazine (UK)!